Analyze, Track & Resolve Enterprise Data Quality Risks

Accuracy, Consistency, Validity, Completeness, and every characteristic of Data Quality is assessed to enhance the quality of our client’s enterprise data assets.

Data Quality Is Not Only a Process, But It Is an Essential Requirement

Most of the businesses today are facing challenges with their data quality issues. And, it’s a fact that without maintaining accurate and clean data, no business can sustain for long-run in this rapidly evolving digital competitive market. To address this issue, we have come up with an innovative solution to improve the quality of your enterprise data.

Our technologists, with more forward thinking, have designed DQAM to automate every step in the Data Quality Assessment process.

What is truly unique about our DQAM is that it guides the data quality team and data community through the assessment process. This is achieved by clearly defining each step in the assessment process and representing these steps with chevrons across the top of the screen. The chevrons guide the project manager, analysts, and data community through the assessment process from beginning to end to ensure that every step is completed consistently and correctly for all the data. No other product has this data quality workflow built directly into the product.

The DQAM supports comprehensive analysis of all values and comprises the following engines and capabilities:

  • Integrity engine: Allows the validation against valid value sets, reference data, and master data
  • Inference engine: Automatically identifies data quality problems
  • Rule requirement definitions
  • Assessment and rule requirement review by the data community
  • Rule specifications
  • Data quality assessment scores, data quality reports, and executive reports

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Measurable assessment of Data Quality elements is focused. Our Product ensures that your enterprise data or the customer contact information is clean and is fit for your business purpose.

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